Diesen Cartoon habe ich vom belgischen Rover-Freund Antoon Schockaert erhalten.

I got this cartoon from Rover friend Antoon Schockaert / Belgium.


Copyright by Herr Seele & Kamagurka (Belgium) 2004






The Artist: Herr Seele (Peter Van Heirseele)


Well known in Belgium and charismatic media personality on the Flemish radio and TV. He’s low profile, alternative, witty, retro loving and especially known for his cartoonseries of  “Cowboy Henk” which he makes together with his collegue Kamagurka.



Creating the scetch on a sunny wednesday afternoon (19 May 2004)



The basic drawing is almost ready (it took 2 hours). Then at home, he will correct and outline it with black ink, add text and fill in the colors.



What a wonderful job he did !!!